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Outage hits some Google Cloud services, error rate curve flattens and they're coming back

Good luck if you're a user of Cloud SQL, Cloud Data Fusion, or Cloud Composer

Google’s cloud is experiencing trouble.

Just after 18:00 Pacific Time on March 30th - 1:00AM GMT on the 31st – the cloud company reported “Affected customers will experience failures in Cloud SQL instance creations, and increased error rates in related products which include: Cloud Data Fusion, and Cloud Composer.”

Two hours later the report was less dire, telling customers they would “experience intermittent failures in Cloud SQL instance creations and deletions, and increased error rates.”

“Mitigation work is still underway by our engineering team. Current data indicates that error rates are decreasing globally.”

But at the time of writing 03:30 GMT on the 31st, the problems persisted.

Suffice to say this is not a good time for cloud outages, especially for Google after it suffered another and larger episode last week. ®


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