Maintain business continuity in these challenging times with the Akamai Edge Live Virtual Summit 2020

Get the latest advice and insight on scale, resiliency and intelligence

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Promo Business continuity is another of those aspects of IT that, before, was always pitched on a rather "what if" basis. What if your global cloud comms provider goes down? What if a squirrel chews through one of your server room’s insulation cables?

Right now, we’re in a position where businesses have, for many people, stopped or stumbled. As such, we're appreciative of people with the skills, insight, and foresight to keep systems running during these troubling times.

Enter Akamai, and its Edge Live Virtual Summit 2020. Managing directors, chief executives, technologists, developers, and anyone falling under the bracket of thought-leader can tune in and gen up on the latest strategies and technologies to keep the wheels of business turning, keep everything secure and – Akamai promises – keep accelerating digital transformation.

From advice from executives at Akamai, who work in the field of business continuity, to take-home strategies to assist you in protecting infrastructure and telecommuting teams, scale, resiliency, and intelligence are the three key concepts of discussion.

Akamai Edge Live focuses on sharing best practices – live – with speakers, experts, and other conference delegates, allowing you to compare notes and use-cases to face the remote-working challenge together.

The web summit takes place across three global regions on April 7 and 8, 2020 (check your region’s timings here). Whether you’re in EMEA, the Americas, or Asia-Pacific-Japan, you can access everything on offer.

Check here for a full overview of what’s going on at Akamai Edge Live Virtual Summit 2020, and sign up while you’re at it.


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