QAD goals: ERP minnow waggles upgrades in bid to keep pace with bigger players

$310.8m revenue? That's adorable

Enterprise software is known for its grand global players with multibillion-dollar revenues – namely SAP and Oracle. But not all vendors are like that.

ERP and supply chain software outfit QAD logged $310.8m in earnings for FY 2020, compared with SAP's ‎€24.7bn. Despite its size, QAD is used by some quite chunky customers including Yoplait, Saint-Gobain and Amcor, and it has gone public with major updates to its applications.

QAD likes to talk about its Adaptive ERP, claiming the wares can be easily configured by users to suit changing needs. New features of the QAD Enterprise Platform allow users and developers to securely create extensions or applications with little or no coding, including Type Scripting and Formula processing.

Similarly, its Adaptive UX promises the ability to tailor design to users' needs. New here is the enhanced KPI maintenance capabilities and faster data retrieval to improve decision making. This includes the ability to link multiple KPIs together, enhancing the analysis capabilities for better decision making, QAD said.

It has also created a new CRM for Manufacturers tool, which is fully integrated within QAD Adaptive ERP, and provides manufacturers a single view of their customers that is supposed to align efforts that provide an optimal customer experience.

Enterprise Asset Management gets news KPIs to track mean time between failures (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR) and PM Schedule Compliance. Capital Projects is now more tightly integrated with QAD Fixed Assets and cost analysis has been updated for taxes, QAD said.

QAD Manufacturing adds algorithmic automation to product scheduling to more effectively create the master production schedule, introduce rules to distribute production orders and allocate orders across production lines.

The software firm has also added automation to the supply chain products to route approvals for purchasing and purchase order now provides the ability to automatically route for required approvals. Also in supply chain management, QAD Dynasys DSCP has enhanced mobile capabilities, increased embedded intelligence and delivered added analytics capabilities, QAD said. According to IDC, QAD DynaSys DSCP's strength is supply chain visibility.

"This extends past the baseline plan to include simulated events and what-if scenario comparisons," the analyst firm said in a report. "DSCP seamlessly embeds business intelligence, which provides an intuitive data experience supporting responsive and accurate decision-making."

QAD said its subscription billings for fiscal 2020 grew by 23 per cent, establishing a compound annual growth of 29 per cent over the last three years. But it was not providing predictions for 2021 because of uncertainty related to COVID-19. "Given the travel and other restrictions currently in place in most countries, our professional services and license revenues could vary significantly," the company said. ®

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