You're either bored stiff or going bonkers with stress in lockdown. Maybe you could take a break with this survey?

We've got just a few Qs about automation, storage, AI

Reader survey Like other parts of your business, the IT team is beginning to suffer as key people fall sick or need to self-isolate. At the same time, they have the added pressure of supporting many more users working from home, which has dramatically changed some established internal service dynamics.

Meanwhile, for many organizations, physical interaction is difficult or impossible amid government-ordered pandemic lockdowns, so continuing to serve customers has required a ramp-up in digital engagement. That’s brought surging demand on externally facing sales and service environments, stressing systems and infrastructure in new and different ways.

Against this background, IT teams relying on manual approaches to provision resources, manage systems, and troubleshoot problems will probably feel the pain more than most. Even those trusty home-grown scripts are likely to break when requirements and demands are changing so rapidly.

All of this focuses the mind on the value of automation. So, when you have a few minutes to stand back from the fray, or if you are looking for mental stimulation while cooped up in lockdown, help us out by getting stuck into our latest survey on the topic. We value your thoughts and experiences, which guide our work in future.

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