Still on-premises? Iron out your hybrid cloud plan with the help of Nutanix

Find out how to widen your cloud options while keeping control

Got Tips?

Webcast While it’s trendy to go entirely off-premises and hybridize your cloud, many will nod and smile at the suggestion while having no intention of actually doing it.

We’re interested in knowing why that is. And so on April 22, 2020, Tim Phillips will run through the possible advantages and hurdles in going hybrid, making sure you do it properly, and within the limits of your business capabilities.

Tim will be joined by Allan Waters of hyperconverged infrastructure experts Nutanix to discuss the strategic and tactical decisions of how best to move into hybrid cloud as well as tips on finding the perfect blend of public and private clouds when doing so.

Maintaining – or improving – agility and governance of your network as it changes will be a key point of discussion, as will adapting your wider organizational management practice to take it all in. For business continuity and security, getting staff on board during the change is crucial.

Finally, we'll jump feet first into automation, helping you figure out how your resulting hybrid network can provide a genuine boost your business.

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