The pains – and pleasures? – of network security: Tell us exactly what you think about this corner of business IT

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying we all need it

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Reader survey Network security: love it or hate it, there’s no denying we all need it.

Just what and how much we need and can afford is another matter, though. And as with any spending of time and money on defense against an indeterminate threat, there’s almost always a gap between supply and demand, or between need and capability.

In our latest survey, we want to know what is your experience of managing, running, or shopping for network security. What are your big worries? How well are your colleagues, and, of course, the vendors supporting you? What holds you back, and what pushes you forward? Are you expected to take responsibility but not given the authority?

In short, we want to know where your pain points are, and what you see as the keys to fixing them. Let us know your thoughts and once we’ve collated all the answers into a set of statistics, we will let you know what your peers think, too.

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As always, your responses are anonymous and your privacy assured.


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