During this stay-at-home virus pandemic, you need to lock down the home office – and AI can help you

Find out how to build a WFH security policy without resorting to wielding an iron fist

Webcast You’ve finally worked out how to make a latte at least almost on par with the coffee shop opposite the office. However, no matter how in control you’re starting to feel during this pandemic lockdown, your 9am is still a mess of access rights conflicts, broken connections, and emails fired into the void of an overworked, remote IT help desk.

Few businesses were able to make the fast transition from controlled office environments to dining room tables while keeping security tight without stifling productivity.

Join The Register’s Tim Phillips and BlackBerry for our next webcast, on April 29, 2020 at 1100 BST, as the enterprise security giant digs into how artificial intelligence can provide threat prevention and protection for remote workers.

BB’s Stuart Jackson and James Alderman will be on hand to help you chart a clear pathway to good cyber security at home. They will focus on the role of AI in reducing the friction between people, platforms, and applications caused by everyday processes being thrown into chaos by dispersed employees.

Add some machine learning to your suite of security tools, and you end up with a common thread of logic and order that can work its way through the stack and figure out the best way to make users’ lives more straightforward, while plugging the numerous gaps that were often the source of user anguish anyway.

While you may remember BlackBerry as a mobile phone company, one of the things that stood out about BlackBerry devices for many years was the huge level of security that came with owning one. That’s why they were the phone of choice for many enterprise users long into the Android and Apple era, and why so many doggedly clung onto their BlackBerry Bold (or even older devices) for so long – BlackBerrys were mostly the only devices the IT team would let staff uses for work outside the confines of the office without a huge security scare.

If you want to find out how BlackBerry is expanding that venerable core wisdom into 2020’s threat landscape, including the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus, tune in on April 29.

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