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XCP-ng celebrates six-figure download milestone

Now incubated as part of Xen project and has plenty of plans for hyperconverged and storage fun

XCP-ng, the crowdfunded effort to deliver an open-source version of XenServer, has passed the 100,000-download mark.

Founder Olivier Lambert has described the milestone as “only the beginning but it's a symbolic level, and it tells a lot about how many people have been convinced to use XCP-ng!”

And not just people: in January 2020 the Xen Project adopted XCP-ng as an incubation project. Xena advisory board chair George Dunlap likened the decision to do so as akin to RedHat teaming up with CentOS – it may look like internal competition but having two projects with the same goal in proximity is mutually beneficial.

Lambert’s post also outlines future work on the project including:

  • Deeper Ceph and ZFS integration in XCP-ng;
  • VM secure boot and also XCP-ng Secure boot on the hardware, to get a complete chain of trust;
  • A possible port to RISC-V;
  • Ongoing work on hyperconverged iteration XOSANv2, and hints of XOSANv3;
  • Ongoing work with hardware vendors and hosting providers to ensure they are XCP-ng friendly.

Lambert writes that he’s “working hard to bring my initial vision to everyone: providing a powerful, fully Open Source AND easy to use virtualization platform to the masses.” ®

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