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Google and Cisco, sitting in a (spanning) tree, cloud N-E-T-W-O-R-K-I-N-G

Borg SD-WANS can now drive Chocolate Factory virty cloud networks and the workloads therein

Cisco will extend its SD-WAN service into Google's Cloud.

The new offering, called Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud, will let users extend their networking policies and connectivity into Google Cloud. In effect, the new solution will treat Google Cloud as if it were the user's Cisco environment.

"We believe by combining the core technology strengths of both Cisco and Google Cloud, we can provide best-in-class, cloud-delivered enterprise networking solutions that make network management easy for our customers and allow them to meet their business needs with agility," wrote Shailesh Shukla, veep and general manager of Google's Cloud unit in a company blog post.

The service will enable applications to dynamically request the required network resources by pushing the their needs into the Google Cloud Service Directory. "The network will be able to use this data to provision itself for the appropriate SD-WAN policies," Sachin Gupta, senior vice president of product management at Cisco, wrote on the company's blog.

Cisco also boasts that the collaboration can proactively offer visibility to a distributed system, such as Google's on-prem Kubernetes serivce Anthos, to ensure availability. For example, metrics about network capacity from Cisco SD-WAN, Anthos can make real-time decisions to divert traffic to regions with more capacity to handle incoming data.

"With Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub for Google cloud, customers can extend the single point of orchestration and management for their SD-WAN network to include the underlay offered by Google Cloud backbone. Together with Cisco SD-WAN, Google Cloud’s reliable global network provides enterprise customers with operational efficiency and the agility to scale up for bandwidth," Gupta wrote.

The two companies also today announced a new contact centre tie-up that will see Ciscos virtual assistants use Google AI to make the bots more responsive and easier to implement. You guessed the motive: both companies like the idea of making self-service easier at a time retail service just isn't possible or attractive thanks to the novel coronavirus. ®

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