Get your free work-from-home IT security awareness training kit, courtesy of SANS

Focus, train and engage your remote teams to stay safe, gratis

Promo As toilet paper stocks begin to recover, we all figure out the sweet spot for our government-mandated daily walk or trot, and fence off sections of our homes from our significant others for "me time," it’s time to begin the next phase of social isolation: adjusting sensibly to our environment with an actual plan.

A big part of working, or supervising children who are learning, remotely lies with observing decent cybersecurity. The SANS Institute has kindly stepped in to help, with several free-of-charge resources.

The SANS Security Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit is a set of guides on how to raise awareness to secure a remote workforce – be they actual children, or staff who require the same level of patience and explanation in order to work safely online. It covers what to teach, which risks to focus on, which other departments to coordinate with, and top tips on engaging correctly to make sure this advice sticks.

Naturally the next concern is the safe use of instant-messaging and video-conferencing technologies – from Slack, Skype, and Discord, to GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Webex. The only thing more overwhelming than picking a platform is figuring out how to use it securely. What do your security teams need to teach staff? How do you handle technology and vulnerabilities changing every week? SANS Instructor Lance Spitszner has hosted a webcast to give you some guidance on the matter.

For those more infosec savvy, SANS is also operating NetWars – live, interactive Capture-the-Flag online events – to top up cyber-security workers' skills, community-style.

Running from now until May 31, 2020, NetWars has a packed schedule ranging from full-on Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired sword-and-sorcery role-playing in the form of cyber mini-challenges, to JSON data analysis, reverse engineering, and SANS' Cyber Fasttrack program for college students.

On top of all this, SANS is also keen for everyone to get involved and make use of their wider community resources during this coronvirus lockdown period. Live and archived webcasts, thousands of security white papers, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and even posters to stick up over your new 9-5 desk in the attic, are all available. There’s tons to get involved with.

Find out more about the Work-from-Home Deployment Kit, NetWars, and wider community programs from SANS right here.

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