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Job Alert Welcome to week four of our mini pandemic response: free job ads for techies. We're trying to keep our readers in work by providing the industry with free job listings.

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This week, we're kicking off with a bundle from Adaptavist – which bills itself as a market-leading Atlassian partner. It operates globally with clients in over 130 countries. This time it's looking for some roles in Kuala Lumpur.

Atlassian Administrator, Kuala Lumpur

The Atlassian Administrator will work with our customers (including more than half of the Fortune 500) to help them get the most out of their Atlassian software, including configuring and customizing key Atlassian Software applications (Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Desk), as well as other Atlassian applications and marketplace software. As part of our clients' partially outsourced teams, you will assist their businesses acting as a remote administrator on a day to day basis.

The successful candidate will be working with customers to respond to requests on a priority basis in a timely fashion to configure their Atlassian software to meet their needs. You will be directly helping customers to automate processes to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. You will perform as a remote outsourced Atlassian administrator for various clients at the same time.

Up for the challenge? To find out more and apply click here

Software Support Team Lead, Kuala Lumpur

We're looking for someone to undertake the role of Software Support Team Lead for Adaptavist's product team.

A group of our products are more accurately described as a platform to allow customers to write their own functionality using the Groovy scripting language, so a basic understanding of Java or Groovy, (or writing code in general) is essential to this role.

You will be responsible for guiding our customers through complex scripting workflows, enabling our customers to evaluate our products and quickly understand and desire them and also understand how it will help their business.

For more information and to apply, click here

Software Support Engineer (Java/Groovy), Kuala Lumpur

A group of our products are more accurately described as a platform to allow customers to write their own functionality using the Groovy scripting language, so a basic understanding of Java or Groovy, (or writing code in general) is essential to this role.

You will be responsible for guiding our customers through complex scripting workflows, enabling our customers to evaluate our products and quickly understand and desire them and also understand how it will help their business.

Click here to find out more and apply

Since we're in the region, give or take, let's head across to Australia and QuintessenceLabs, a medium-sized information security company based in Canberra, Australia. It builds products for enterprise / government use in the information security domain. It's on the hunt for software developers.

Software Developer, Canberra

We are looking for talented, experienced and motivated individuals to join our software development team. The ideal applicant has experience in writing server software in C or C++ to run on Linux, knows the concepts behind TLS and PKI, is familiar with using HSMs and is comfortable working alone or in teams of up to 10 people. Team leadership roles are available for suitably experienced candidates.

Click here for more information and to apply.

Great stuff for our APAC readers.

Next up a fabulous bunch of opportunities at the trust focused search engine DuckDuckGo. It's got some roles that are "…fully remote and open to hiring anywhere in the world..." Sound good? Read on.

Senior Backend Engineer, Email

As part of our growing team, you will collaborate with team members at all levels to identify and close gaps in our existing and future products. Examples of projects you might work on include: improving our email delivery infrastructure, developing email spam / phishing filtering systems, supporting SRE in adding instrumentation and monitoring into our email delivery systems.

We empower our team to be self-directed and self-motivated in their work. If you'd thrive in that environment, and our core values resonate with you – build trust, question assumptions, and validate direction – you'll fit right in!

What you will do:

  • Lead projects from proposal through postmortem, assessing vague problems, proposing high impact solutions, and executing them against a set of success criteria.
  • Contribute to and demonstrate ownership over major components of our email infrastructure, taking responsibility for their maintenance and improvement over time.
  • Step up to resolve issues impacting our users – large and small.
  • Play a key role in improving software architecture to increase quality and engineering throughput for both user-facing products and internal processes.
  • Collaborate with peers remotely during product brainstorms, technical design discussions, pair programming sessions and code reviews.
  • Write pragmatic, performant, and testable code that works consistently across devices.

You can click here to find out more and apply.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Join us as a Site Reliability Engineer at DuckDuckGo and become part of the team shaping our growing infrastructure. As a member of our Operations team, you will work together with your peers to keep the search engine online, stable, and fast. You will leverage your expertise to challenge our assumptions about the reliability of our deployment and the effectiveness of our processes as we strive to improve. DuckDuckGo is a fully-remote company and our employees live all over the world! We empower our team with personal autonomy on team projects. This means you must be self-directed and self-motivated to succeed. If that seems awesome and you identify with our core values – build trust, question assumptions, and validate direction – then you'll fit right in.

What you will do:

  • Lead high complexity projects from scoping to deployment to production.
  • Develop effective tools, alerts, and responses to identify and address reliability risks.
  • Work closely with search engineers to triage production issues and determine appropriate remediation including code changes and performance considerations.
  • Share on-call responsibilities – collaborating with other engineers to triage and fix reliability issues that come up in production and autonomously put out fires that may come up.
  • Help determine the future technical direction of our deployment with an effort to improve reliability and performance.

To find out more and apply for this role, click here

We'll close our global job opportunities in Madrid, Spain with a role at Commscope Ruckus which is looking for support engineers.

Principal Technical Support Engineer, Madrid

We are looking for a highly experienced Principal Technical Support Engineer who can perform the duty with minimal supervision and possesses strong Wi-Fi, Linux & L2/L3 Switch networking troubleshooting knowledge and skills.

This team is dedicated to supporting only our top tier/service provider accounts globally.

Responsibilities will include

  • Primary technical support point of contact for Ruckus’ top tier customers and partners in the EMEA region and for all Ruckus technologies (wireless, wired and cloud)
  • Responsible for resolving all technical support cases raised by global major customers and partners during EMEA working day
  • Strict adherence to Service Level Agreement KPIs
  • Regular customer and partner technical support meetings
  • Root Cause Analysis delivery following case resolution
  • Training/Transfer of Information to the wider TAC team, customers, partners

For more information and to apply click here.

That's a wrap for this week. Good luck with the job hunting. ®

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