Wi-Fi management is still more rubbish than it ought to be – here’s how AI can help

Extra intelligence for end-to-end means less fuzzy video calls. Infradata reveals more

Webcast While the traditional methods of “unified communications” have started to fall by the wayside as analogue phone lines have shifted to VoIP, and fax machines move to museums, there’s been concern among the connected working population that the same kind of care and attention that would go into making traditional comms networks flourish hasn’t always been leveled at convincing overburdened office Wi-Fi connections do similar.

Solutions are beginning to appear, however, as network technology companies start to see the advantage of helping enterprise customers make the most of underlying digital infrastructure that can leave little to be desired both in the office and – not wishing to harp on about it all the time – at home, as five days a week with a cat on our laps is still the reality for the vast majority of us.

In our latest webcast, streaming on May 5, 2020, Tim Phillips is joined by Infradata’s Stuart Bates and Juniper’s Jussi Kiviniemi to find out more about Mist, a simplified approach to network architecture that uses AI to optimise numerous functions, meaning better management of mobile and IoT devices, more refined security, and general resilience.

The solution aims for consistency across the whole network, meaning that users can be sitting at a desk at the office or working at home, or even somewhere completely remote from a known or usual network, out on the road.

With deployment, operations and network management carried out in the Mist cloud, supported by AI, the solution essentially keeps in touch with everything that’s happening on the network at once, diverting performance needs where and when they’re needed, immediately.

The webcast, brought to you by Infradata, will also delve into how, comparatively, existing Wi-Fi networks under-perform, often as victims of basic infrastructural issues, and how the various enhancements Mist offers can be used to full effect to really improve your network operations for users across your organisation.

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