Manage your applications with IaaS for an easy and secure life, says Comarch

Infraspace Cloud encrypts, stores and protects to mitigate high-end risk for high-end apps

Promo It feels like every article starts with something along the lines of "now we’re all working remotely" but, honestly, when the shoe fits...

Now we're all working remotely, managing application permissions, patching, upgrades, and security from afar is a nightmare.

Want to plug in a new set of USB headphones? You can’t, because it needs a driver, and the IT desk is too rammed to bother with your request for a week. Need to install a critical update due to a new and well-known vendor issue? You’re not allowed, and you’ll need to wait until the IT mothership recognises your use-case as a company-wide concern.

There’s a time for IaaS – infrastructure-as-as-service – and that time is now. It’s generally quick and simple to spin up instances, and it lets you manage entire networks of applications from a single source.

What's more, in the case of Comarch Infraspace Cloud, it can throw a security cloak over your entire infrastructure so that someone on the IT desk doesn't have to take your laptop off you for two days to update it – when you’re at home and can’t even give it to them, anyway. Instead, the cloud will update your gear with security fixes instantly, reacting straight away to whatever’s coming to get you.

Comarch prides itself on Infraspace Cloud managing high-end applications and keeping the engines running, so those of you in large enterprises running complex data analytics or logistics systems may be particularly interested in this technology.

Risk prevention, and the most up-to-date responsive encryption methods, are always in place, meaning the Comarch cloud is storing, protecting, organizing, and maintaining all your data.

It doesn't just protect off-the-shelf software. You can keep building your custom applications within the Comarch environment. Tools and framework are there to run your apps, and they in turn are protected in exactly the same way as your pre-built enterprise software juggernauts.

Take a look at Comarch Infraspace Cloud's features, and decide if it’s got a place in your business, in lockdown and beyond.

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