Have you ever mapped your organisation’s attack surface? Now’s the time to start

It’s like cartography, but with infosec. Probably

Webcast There’s lots of talk of the threat landscape, so one useful way to extend the metaphor is to imagine that landscape wrapped around the horizon of an actual globe.

And if your business is a world of its own, how are you protecting its surface? Just like the humble Earth, which is at risk from asteroids and solar flares, and its own population, your business is a hugely complex planet, full of delicate systems of life, with an enormous number of places threats can compromise its balance and well-being.

Obviously, we’re talking about what’s commonly known as the attack surface. But if you stick with our analogy, CyCognito is a company that’s fond of mapping that attack surface, and in doing so, accurately visualizing all the vulnerabilities along the way.

A modern business doesn’t just have to worry about standard threats coming from outside the system, such as traditional hacking and social engineering efforts. With SaaS applications, cloud services, partner networks, remote devices, workers, and even IoT, ripping holes in any long-held cyber security strategy, it’s time for a bigger, better map, not to mention several miles of red string to start linking all the threats into a comprehensive story.

CyCognito’s CEO Rob Gurzeev will join The Reg’s Tim Phillips on June 18, 2020 at 10am PDT (1pm EDT) to explain better how this attack surface discovery and mapping works – including how to draw in consideration of external platforms, SaaS, and other partner IT; how to link types, methods and lines of attack with your specific business contexts; and how to discover those little potholes of shadow risk, exploitable by the craftiest bad guys.

As well as learning to create and read your own digital threat map, you’ll start to begin thinking like an attacker, seeing your business through new eyes as you begin to piece together every aspect of your brave new world.

Sign up here for the webcast, brought to you by CyCognito and titled: Discover and secure all of your attack surface.

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