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Snyk offers a new approach for a new reality

Webcast Digital transformation is a major change to your organisation and business. It means more software, and that means more software risk. The cloud means your infrastructure is now part of your application, blurring the lines on who is responsible for security. And DevOps has accelerated the deployment of software.

Where does this leave your information security processes? Overwhelmed, in the way, and under-informed.

If your security practices are going to keep pace with the digital transformation of your business, you need to throw out the decades-old security playbook, start empowering and trusting developers to be the front-line of your security practice, and employing security tools that suit this bottom-up revolution in how you build secure software.

Guy Podjarny of Snyk joined The Reg’s Tim Phillips in a webcast and discussed:

  • Why the old ways of doing security don’t mesh with the way we build apps today
  • The dev-first security practices that can cut risk without harming agility
  • The new tools and the shift in mindset that these changes demand

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