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DB or not DB: Open-sourcer Percona pushes out plethora of SQL and NoSQL tweaks in bid to win over suits

Hopes to lure business types to shiny platform

Open-source database support and distribution biz Percona has flung out new versions of MongoDB and Postgres and a managed database service as it looks to win over more enterprise folk.

In its first distribution of MongoDB - the document-oriented NoSQL database - Percona has included enhancements to support in-memory storage HashiCorp Vault for data access control, data at rest encryption, audit logging, external LDAP authentication and hot backup support for enterprise. It is also releasing separate backup and restore functionality for clusters and non-sharded data sets.

Product director, Terri Schlosser, said the features are supposed to make the release more enterprise-ready. "We've designed them and tested them together, so you know that these two technologies work together. They have been pounded to make sure that they will work for our enterprise customers."

The open-source outfit is also launching a managed service for MongoDB, in which it takes on responsibility for running and optimising the database in the customer's chosen environment.

Percona already had a release of PostgreSQL. Its latest upgrade incorporates PostgreSQL 12 Core Distribution and includes support for more business-critical application environments, Percona claimed. It has new features such as better partitioning control by supporting foreign keys, a way of cross-referencing tables, for example. It also includes new encryption and authentication options, the firm said.

"The purpose of our distribution is to pick the right tools to give users the extra little things that they need to run it inside an enterprise," Schlosser said.

Percona last week squeezed out Monitoring and Management 2.6, which includes tools for application and database analytics such as Grafana, Prometheus and Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL. It includes a Security Threat Tool that allows users to run daily checks, get alerts and remediate common database security issues. And yes, it scans database for null passwords and notifies admins if passwords are missing.

Percona releases all the above features free and open source, and then charges for support services on top of that. Customers include Netflix, The British Library, and Sony. ®

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