Work unleashed: How to work smoothly and securely, wherever you are

You're working at home, but who’s got the remote control?

Promo The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has propelled the trend for flexible and remote working into the stratosphere. Millions of people worldwide are cocooned at home and bent over all manner of devices and apps as they carry on working. But remote working on a giant scale also means the threat attack surface just got much, much bigger.

Whatever their business and wherever they are located, people all need to store, access and share files and data in the same way as they would in their company offices. This presents security, governance and compliance headaches – and more work for the IT department.

Box has developed an extensive range of solutions to tackle these issues. The Cloud Content Management platform includes workflow automation to make life easy for remote workers and boost business productivity, and it provides assurance in the shape of intelligent threat detection, information governance, data privacy controls and compliance standards.

For example, every file on Box is protected with AES 256-bit encryption in diverse locations. Organisations gain full visibility of content and fine-grained control, with options including user permissions, 2FA, watermarking and self-service encryption management. Information governance and eDiscovery are simplified with automated policy-based management. And there is a bunch of powerful and easy to use auditing options. Box locks down security further by integrating its platform with multiple SIEM (security information and event management vendors).

This simplified access to information results in a significant reduction in associated time and costs. Box offers a choice of services, from a basic free personal package to more advanced business and enterprise versions. You can check out the full details and sign up to the one that best suits your needs, as well as to any of Box’s online resources, here.

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