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Reader survey It’s a truism that not only does business rely on the information it holds, for many it is that information that pushes the organisation’s growth and prosperity. This puts the storage infrastructure and its performance firmly in management’s sights, especially as the range of demanding workloads ramps up every quarter.

And those workloads are no longer made up just of files and traditional SQL databases. Now you may well have to include virtual machines, containers, a bewildering number of new database options – graph databases, NoSQL systems – and more. Add in that every data set appears to grow almost as fast as the national debt, and the challenges you face, and it’s clear your machines have a lot to deal with.

So what are you doing to keep everything running smoothly, and make it easy to support new services at warp speed? And does the rest of the business understand why storage needs investment to keep everything running without service interruptions or slowdowns?

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