Black horse down: UK banking giant Lloyds suffers an online wobble

First financial TITSUP* of June goes to...

Updated UK retail banking giant Lloyds Banking Group's online services have rung in June with a wobble.

Problems appear to have started at around 11:30am UK time when customers seeking an online experience found themselves rudely ejected from the bank's web orifice with that classic: "We are sorry an error has occurred, please try again later."

We're not entirely sure if the bank is sorry for the error itself, or just that we spotted it (very much the approach taken by certain UK government ministers).

App users (in our case, the iOS version) were similarly thrown out, although with the slightly more worrying message: "Sorry we can't confirm whether this payment has been successful" after a mere login attempt.

We contacted Lloyds for its take on what was happening since its Twitter orifice seemed a little in the dark as customers complained (despite the evidence building up in its timeline).

A spokesperson for Lloyds told The Register: "We know some of our customers are having issues with internet banking. We're sorry about this and we're working to have it back to normal soon."

Online services have become all the more important as customers opt to stay in rather than risk a visit to their local branch, and with payments due on the first of the month, the bank taking a lie-down on Monday is far from ideal. Customers attempting to contact its support lines have also encountered issues.

Lloyds has had its fair of outages over the years; things fell over with a resounding crash as 2020 arrived. The company later inked a deal with Microsoft to manage the group's desktops and devices.

The problem appears widespread, so don't take it personally if you've found yourself bereft of banking services. ®

Updated at 1537 BST on 1 June to add

Some hours after publication of this article, Lloyds PR rep sent us a statement. “Internet banking is now back to normal. We're sorry that some of our customers had issues this afternoon.”

* Tottering Infrastructure Thumps Some User Payments

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