Is the speed and resilience of your storage up to scratch? We’d love to hear your thoughts

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Reader survey Some company directors respond well when you wave a pie chart in their face to get what you want, and we’re offering you an opportunity – if you work in database storage and workloads – to help create that kind of budget-relocating study yourself.

To that end, The Register is running a survey to find out your feelings on the performance of your storage infrastructure.

Storage infrastructure is, if you think about it, pretty important to your business’s forward goals. If data is the new oil, and it’s got to be kept somewhere safely, in an organised fashion, and recovered post-haste to be interpreted, applied and monetized... the C-suite should definitely be sitting up and listening.

What we want to find out is how you’re dealing with the complexities of storage infrastructure in today’s complicated IT world. In a world where workloads are more than just generic Word documents and Excel sheets, with a few SQL databases thrown in. Where NoSQL, RDBMS, Hadoop, and goodness knows what else is running in the same organisations alongside SAP HANA, Oracle, and more established in-memory choices.

And this panoply of tools and tech isn’t just expected to all work together seamlessly and effectively, but you’ve also now got the data scientists, marketers, and other assorted hipsters upstairs dragging data in at a rate of knots from geographically distributed sensors, IoT devices, drones, watches, and all manner of other sources that, frankly, most of the average enterprise IT infrastructure wasn’t built to deal with.

As well as how you and your team are coping with these new demands as business shifts its focus to a data-centric future, we also want to find out more about the company culture that’s moving with that focus, and moving with you.

Does the rest of the business understand your position? And the technological reality of what’s required to help you deliver the magic required?

The aim is to produce the de-facto report to gauge the state-of-play in the information storage world, and share a copy with you when we're done – and we can only do it with your feedback. Help us to help you!

Click right here to take our Modernizing Your Database Workloads in a Hybrid World survey. As usual, your responses will be anonymous and your privacy assured.


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