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Rackspace changes name to – drum-roll please – ‘Rackspace Technology’

Are company naming consultants paid by the word?

Logowatch Rackspace has changed its name to “Rackspace Technology”.

CEO Kevin Jones said “Our new name, mission and multicloud solutions better represent the full value we bring to market. Our mission is simple. Embrace technology. Empower customers. Deliver the future.”

Rackspace is a technology service provider exists and therefore exists to empower customers by using technology. So well played to whichever consultants dreamed up the new spiel. The Register hopes you have banked your cheques.

The company says the epochal and tectonic shift is reflected in a new set of services covering cloud security, cloud optimisation “to improve costs and performance for a changing market while delivering the experience their end customers demand” and help getting to cloud-native development and DevOps. And just to complete the not-pandemic-related buzzwords of 2020 bingo card, there’s also a new "data modernization" offering that makes the you’ve-been-hearing-this-ever-since-OLAP-went-large promise to turn data analytics into searing insights and profit.

The thoroughly epochal and tectonic shift continues the shifts the company has made on Jones’ watch, which include evolving the slogan of delivering "fanatical support" into the infinitely-more-evolved “fanatical experience”, offering co-lo services and edging further away from its roots as an OpenStack advocate.

Whether any of this has or will make a difference to the company’s bottom line is unclear, because having failed as a public cloud operator and morphed into a services organisation it later went private which means its performance is now hard to divine.

Just like the reasons for this rebrand. ®

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