Is your storage up to the job? Can it cope with the expanding range of apps, databases you need to support?

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Reader survey Everyone says that data is the lifeblood of the organization, yet very few actually take that idea to its logical conclusion, namely that storage is at the heart of the enterprise.

OK, garbage analogy, but you get the point: if data really is so important, why do so many users complain about how long it takes to get new storage allocated or to extend existing service capacity? Even worse, why do you have anyone complaining about how slow data retrieval is when they are running complex database queries?

Taken together, these questions, or rather the answers to them, make us ask the question: are the platforms holding our data up to the job?

When you throw in the restrictions around physical distancing, you may even have to contend with the problem of how easy is it to keep your storage platforms running effectively and efficiently when you may not be able to get to them physically. At least not without potentially having to jump over all sorts of obstacles, never mind getting on a train or bus.

Please tell us what you think of your existing storage platforms, and how well they work with the expanding range of services and databases you need to support. Do your bosses or the purse holders in finance need a reminder that it’s difficult to get failed systems up and running if you can’t easily get to the computer room or data center?

Click right here to take part in our latest survey, and once we have analysed the results, we’ll report back to you on the state of play, so that you can see how many of your challenges – and solutions – are shared by your peers.

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