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From unmovable boot screens to dead certs, neither are what you want to see in a hospital

A double dose of medical fails, plus Worthing citizen washes up on island of Borkum

Bork!Bork!Bork! Bashful booting or sneaky certificates – our hospitals are not immune from the perils posed by bork.

We have a pair of medical fails today, one from a surgical recovery room in the US and the other lurking within the UK's beloved NHS.

The first bit of bedside borkage comes from a Register reader in North America and shows a Dell display courtesy of God-bothering CHRISTUS Health in a very poorly state indeed. Sadly, neither the barcode scanner nor mouse on display will do much to help the system get past the boot device screen.


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That said, the postcard-sized image of Jesus looking for all the world like He is about to have a crack at Beat Saber might indicate some divine intervention could be on the way to resurrect the machine.

The question posed remains: boot from a SATA device, or try the LAN? What Would Jesus Do?

Away from the insurance-based shenanigans of the US (the healthcare system of which, to many observers, seems borked beyond redemption, thoughts and prayers aside) the bedside manner of the trusty gear employed by the NHS seems equally saddened, although at least useable (so long as one ignores the shrieking of Internet Explorer about iffy certificates).

Our second delve into hospital borkage comes from Reg reader Julian and concerns a London oncology ward with a certificate problem. The OS is a little more up to date than the delightfully retro-style icons used in the web page, although that looks a little like dear old Internet Explorer lurking in the background.

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Sadly, whatever site (likely some form of intranet) the medicos are looking at, it is lacking the appropriate certification judging by the alarming red of the URL and Search boxes.

Julian told us he heard a registrar telling a minion to "Ignore it," before adding, "it always does that."

Words familiar to many a user of an elderly corporate intranet, but a little less reassuring on the oncology ward.

Naturally, we contacted both the NHS and CHRISTUS to find out what had befallen their respective systems, but have yet to receive a response. To be honest, we can't really blame them.

Bin bork

Finally, and thank you to the many who alerted us, word reaches El Reg of a bin from Worthing Pier that washed up on the island of Borkum in Germany.

Bin adventures aside, this vulture intends to take a trip to the Flugplatz Borkum (once things get back to normal) to take in the sights, smells and, of course, an island's-worth of bork. Very much a borkman's holiday. ®

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