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Get more efficient AI at the edge with two new Intel webinars

Find out how to make deep-learning and data analysis at the edge a bonus, not a hindrance

Promo Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years, and is just going to keep speeding ahead.

Building up a neural network’s abilities now works hand-in-hand with IoT (internet of things technology), with data picked up by devices lying, geographically, all over the network and feeding information in.

Machine learning algorithms can use IoT data as a constant, streaming source of training data that can be fed into models to develop better and better independent ideas generation. The predictions a data-trained AI can make – inference – are only going to be stronger and more reliable the more and varied IoT data that algorithms collect.

This gives edge computing a whole new role in AI training. Whereas edge IT used to focus more on getting essential compute to the remote user, edge devices are now becoming useful contributors to the cause of AI in themselves.

To this end, Intel is running two web seminars around the topic of efficient AI at the edge. With so much processing power and data handling capability now available at the edge, the opportunities to do exciting things with AI at the edge are here – it’s just about how best to capitalise on them.

The challenge is in making this new style of edge computing work for you and your organisation, as opposed to becoming another ambitious IT project that drains resources, adds huge amounts of unwanted system lag, and all possibly without any advantages at the end of the day. Intel’s webinar series runs across two sessions in mid-late June 2020.

The first session, on Monday 15 June at 10am – 11.15am CET, will be an overview of the company’s Intel® Vision and AI solutions, introducing viewers to the available portfolio of scalable hardware software to get things moving with AI at the edge.

On Monday 22 June, also at 10am – 11.15am CET, Intel will deep dive into the technical aspects of AI at the edge, focusing on Intel’s Distribution of the OpenVINO cross-platform deep learning toolkit, which allows building, testing and remotely run workloads on Intel’s Development Cloud.

With three Intel speakers on hand to take you through each session, there’ll be plenty to get your teeth into.

Sign up to Intel’s Live webinar series: Efficient AI at the edge.

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