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Wow, Microsoft's Windows 10 always runs Edge on startup? What could cause that? So strange, tut-tuts Microsoft

Punters asked to hand over their logs if browser keeps coming to life against their wishes

Microsoft is investigating claims by some Windows 10 Insider users that Edge pops up after their PCs start up, even if the software has been told not to do that.

This comes after punters last week complained to Redmond's support gofers that they can't seem to stop Edge from running at boot.

"We've heard from our community that some versions of Microsoft Edge are automatically launching whenever users start their PCs and log into Windows regardless of their selection in Edge://settings/onStartup," said a Microsoft project manager, known only as Fawkes, of the browser shenanigans, asking users to help it figure out the problem by submitting their log files.

"It’s currently unknown whether there are any accompanying behavioral changes with this bug."

It looks like you want to browse the internet with Chrome. Would you like help? Maybe try Edge? Please?


You know, maybe someone on the Edge team could have a word with someone the Windows 10 team for help. Maybe over this thing called Teams. or Yammer. Or Outlook [scratch that – ed.]. Just a thought. What do we know? On the other hand, Edge has recently adopted the Google-championed Chromium browser engine, so there may be some unforeseen compatibility issues to blame in some circumstances for this weirdness.

Those who want to get to the bottom of this issue are invited to contribute their browser logs for inspection by Microsofties.

"To help our devs understand and address this as quickly as possible, we ask that you kindly share diagnostic data through our secure in-browser feedback tool," said Fawkes. "So, if you're familiar with your device’s command prompt, please run the following steps to create and submit additional log files."

Here are those instructions:

Open the command prompt from an Admin account – Press the Windows key then type in “cmd” or 'command prompt' into the search. You’ll see a black window open.

Enable Logging – run these two commands (hint: the second is one line)
auditpol.exe /set /subcategory:"Process Creation" /failure:enable /success:enable

reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\Audit /v ProcessCreationIncludeCmdLine_Enabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0x1 /f

Save all open files, Reboot your PC and log in 

Create and Save the log file – Open Powershell as an admin and run the following command
Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable @{LogName="Security"; ID="4688"} | fl > c:\users\edgelogfile.txt

Open the feedback tool and attach the file c:\users\edgelogfile.txt

The Register has asked Microsoft for more details. ®

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