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Don't like Mondays? Neither does Microsoft 364's Outlook Exchange Online service

Days without TITSUP: 0

Updated Microsoft 365 started the week off with an early totter in the Oceania region followed by a full-blown European Outlook client TITSUP*.

The European failure appears to have blanketed much of the continent as Outlook users (connecting to the company's Exchange Online service) found themselves unable to connect.

The problem looks to have started at around 14:00 British Summer Time (BST) and the company acknowledged at 14:27 local time (13:27 UTC) that the cockup fairy had a paid a visit to Redmond's European tentacle.

The problem appears intermittent, and some users have reported success with the mobile and web clients rather than the full-fat Outlook app. Others have simply done the digital equivalent of putting their head in their hands, wishing for the good old days when they had their own Exchange Server crashing quietly in the corner of the data centre.

Microsoft promised an update on the borkage by 16:00 BST, once it has given the telemetry from its systems a jolly good reviewing in efforts to isolate the source of the issue.

The company hasn't been having a great run of it of late. Teams took a tumble back in February and large chunks of Azure infamously buckled under the sudden wave of remote workers. More recently, even GitHub has found it hard to swerve a slap from the hand of bork.

It's unfortunate, particularly as the company continues to encourage customers to sign up for a cloudy future in its data centres.

Still, it's good to see that even if Exchange has been prised from the clutches of an on-prem BOFH, the gods of TITSUP are still on hand to ensure a long lunch beckons for European Outlook jockeys at least. ®

Updated to add

We're told the problem in Europe has now been fixed.

* Total Inability to Support Usual Productivity


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