IT self-service provisioning and access: Productivity enabler – or huge headache?

Are you happy with staff picking and choosing what they want, when they want it? We'd love to hear your views, please

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Reader survey Ask a bunch of people – users, developers, applications teams – why they went around central IT and just grabbed whatever they needed from the cloud, and they’ll give you all kinds of "justifications."

Probe a bit more, though, and the real reason is often because they could get what they wanted more quickly and easily.

This highlights the seductive nature of self-service. For the consumer of the service or resource, the experience is one of independence, control, and responsiveness – quite different from the processes they typically have to deal with to gain access to internal systems. So, should you be aiming to implement self-service provisioning and access into your on-prem compute, storage, and application estates?

The solutions are there to allow this, though there’s a lot to consider. Who do you trust to self-serve? How much work is required to define the services on offer? What about policy enforcement and broader governance issues? While some argue it’s the key to making life easier for central IT, others see self-service as setting up a whole load of accidents waiting to happen.

This is one of the topics we are exploring in our latest Register reader survey on IT ops automation more broadly. We know you have views on this, so let us know what you think.

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