Going to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to leave your legacy IT behind

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Webcast It’s a familiar story to many: you’re a business that’s run quite happily on an incredibly robust backend IT infrastructure for literally decades.

PA-RISC, SPARC, Alpha, VAX, and all manner of old reliable Unix-based systems are all still lurking around the global enterprise, often performing vital daily functions. Because of this, 24/7/365 operations may be running on them or the technology they support, meaning it’s often difficult to simply yank them out and replace them with something else.

This means removing a venerable system and launching yourself instantly into a cloud future is often more trouble than it’s worth – especially when you’re a board member, and somebody from IT is trying to explain how you can either spend a fortune on a complete infrastructural rethink – complete with guaranteed mid-term outages while everything gets put in place – or simply do nothing, but do without a few bells and whistles.

On the flip-side, there are legacy systems that now cost so much to run in terms of paying expert-level staff, breakdown repair, and general opex, that finding a way out of what amounts to a legacy IT trap is also something a savvy company will want to know how to do.

Luckily, legacy IT emulation is now sufficiently advanced it can replicate the look, feel, and performance of an old mainframe at its historical peek, sending a digital clone of your workhorse straight into the cloud, and solving all your problems at once.

To explore the finer details of the benefits of emulating legacy systems, The Register’s Tim Phillips is joined for our next webcast by John Prot from legacy emulation experts Stromasys, and AWS’s Martin Bishop.

The webcast – titled IT modernization in uncertain times: Moving legacy apps to the cloud – will take place on July 23 at 1600 BST (0800 PDT). Between them, they’ll discuss why emulation can now be considered a simple lift-and-shift solution that can be carried out remotely, and in just a few days.

Topics covered will include how emulation can offer lowered operational IT costs, reduced risk, and better reliability, performance, and management – and how the level of agility and flexibility in your emulated systems are vital for your organisation’s future.

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