Windows fails to reach the Finnish line as Helsinki signage pleads for help

Please update me, let me load...

Bork!Bork!Bork! Windows is everywhere and can be found pleading for attention all over the world, including signage lurking in the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

Spotted by Register reader Erkki, Windows 10 has been shoved into an advertising board overlooking the city's delightful harbour. (Quite why something the size of Windows 10 should be required to spend its days flipping through ads is anyone's guess and shoving hardware capable of running it into a sign smacks a little of overkill.)

"I'm always reminded," said Erkki, "of Marvin the Paranoid Android, complaining [of] being asked to do simple tasks, despite having a brain the size of a planet."

To be honest, it's the more blancmange-like stability of Windows 10 that we'd be worried about, and it seems that the effort of running a glorified slideshow requires an update. The OS "is a service" after all. Although we imagine that the only servicing the billboards of old required was the tender attention of a worker with a brush and a tub of paste.

Progress, eh?

Sadly, Erkki was unable to put the poor thing out of its misery as a keyboard or mouse were nowhere to be seen.

Helsinki is a lovely place, and the borkage has also captured the reflection of what we think might be a food hall located on the edge of the harbour. Certainly, it was a lovely day in Helsinki a few weekends ago, unless the blue of the sky is more a representation of what Windows likes to be best of all rather than the Finnish climate.

And as Monty Python memorably told us, Finland is the place to be. Even for bork.

Finland, Finland, Finland
The country where I want to be
Your Windows so borky
Your signage so stalled
Finland, Finland, Finland
Finland has it all...

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