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When you bork... through a storm: Liverpool do all they can to take advantage of summer transfer, er, Windows

Bork on, bork on... with hope in your heart.. And you'll never bork alone

Bork!Bork!Bork! Bork returns to Blighty today, with the proud people of Liverpool contributing their own entry into the annals of Windows being a bit sad.

Setting up Microsoft's operating system can be an intensely personal thing. There may be many questions to answer in the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE): what is your Microsoft account? How about a preferred Wi-Fi network and, oh, you hadn't forgotten that Cortana used to be a thing, had you?

While some might like to keep their responses to themselves, or create a script to do the deed, it takes a very special member of the IT team to thrust their OOBE up on the side of a building. In this case, the side of the Victoria Street Car Park in Liverpool, a few sunny days ago.

Trimmed for portrait when landscape would seem more appropriate, we're not entirely sure what stage of the set-up process has been snapped by eagle-eyed Reg reader Mark Corcoran. Whatever Windows is trying to say has been rudely truncated. "This is offi"-

"This is officially borked."

"This is office wall-scale Windows. Enjoy it, you peons."

"This is officer Dibble's favourite version of Microsoft's finest, OK TC?"

Those with more OOBE expertise than us will hopefully be able to finish the wisdom being dispensed by Windows setup.

Completed in 2017, the car park (replete with sad, sad screen) was a project for Liverpool city council by contractors Willmott Dixon. Featuring space for 333 cars and 28 bicycles, as well as a meagre three charging points for electric vehicles, the project was part of £100m spent on "transforming" Liverpool.

Sadly, while that budget was enough for a four-floor multi-storey, it was not enough to keep the JD Sports ads shining over those lucky Liverpudlians seeking retail relief within.

Then again, locals may skip the bork entirely. Register writer and resident Matthew Hughes sniffed that: "It's in the middle of tourist central, not far from the Cavern Club," before adding: "Walk a bit further, and there's a great chippy called the Lobster Pot, which does a mean deep-fried haggis.

"It's worth the arduous trek over pools of vomit," he remarked, before saying something about stag parties that would shock more delicate ears. Sounds like a night out in this hack's often less than fair city of Brighton.

Our ears are less than delicate and our mailboxes always have space for more examples of technology misbehaving in public. Please make your own contribution via an email to The Register's bork desk. ®

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