CSI: Amazon.com coming soon to a screen near you

'Counterfeit Stuff Investigation' team staffed by former federal prosecutors to go after dodgy merchants and makers

When you log on to shop at Amazon.com in the near future you may benefit from the work of a CSI team the retail giant has created to crack down on counterfeit kit and haul its makers into court.

The Register has taken a little licence with our CSI acronym – Amazon has named its new team the "Counterfeit Crimes Unit".

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But as the new team is staffed with "former federal prosecutors, experienced investigators, and data analysts" and has been given the job of helping Amazon "to more effectively pursue civil litigation against suspected criminals … and aid law enforcement officials worldwide in criminal actions against counterfeiters", the CSI moniker seems plausibly applicable.

Amazon says the new unit will join the 8,000 other staff it has working on "fraud and abuse, including counterfeit". ®

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