Tune in and watch live: Email encryption doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal

Next week: Explore how keeping email safe can be part of a wider corporate strategy

Webcast Leaked emails are the IT security mishap that just keeps on giving. From salacious tabloid headlines to lost elections to international security crises, a hacked or misfired email is the ultimate piece of first-hand evidence to light up a scandal, or ruin a reputation.

In addition, passwords, account details, or other juicy information useful for industrial espionage, identity theft, or big-ticket phishing scams, are also easily attainable from an exposed inbox. With email now the number one destination to hoodwink overworked and bleary-eyed users with a confidence trick, there are many, many reasons to keep email secure.

While most businesses say that encryption is a priority factor in a digital transformation process, it remains to be seen what this means in understanding, let alone in practice. Encryption isn’t the same as putting a password on something, and there are many different levels of obscuring or hashing information to help or hinder an employee or client who are just trying to do their job.

The historical problem with a technique like encryption in the past has been, if carried out in a heavy-handed fashion, it can be an all-or-nothing kind of deal.

Encryption could lead to emails that were difficult or impossible to work with outside the company network on different platforms, servers or setups, proving unreadable on a basic level, or with important files removed or modified, often beyond the knowledge or control of the innocent or bemused sender.

Echoworx specializes in email encryption for the modern era, and the company’s Jacob Ginsberg will be joining The Register’s Tim Phillips for a webcast on July 2 at 1000 EDT (1600 BST). There, they’ll discuss email encryption as part of a larger goal – namely defining the need to keep emails safe not by technology itself, but by the specific needs of those sending and receiving them.

The pair will explore how building email encryption into a digital transformation strategy can keep security ticking over while reducing friction for the people using the system. If use-cases are taken directly into consideration, deploying good encryption can be flexible, customizable, completely user friendly, and integrated seamlessly into popular everyday tools and platforms such as Office 365, on web desktop or in mobile environments.

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