Continuous Lifecycle Online: Just like our London conference – but in your own home. Grab tickets now

Containerization, DevOps, compliance, service meshes – there’s so much to discuss in just one day

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Event The need to say it seems almost moot but, no, The Register’s Continuous Lifecycle London conference isn’t happening in-person in 2020. Instead, we’ve taken all that scheduled goodness and packed it into one of the busiest and most content-filled one-day virtual events you’re likely to find – and tickets are on sale right now.

On Wednesday, July 15, starting at 0900 BST (1000 CEST), Continuous Lifecycle Online is hitting your screens. Just like the real life event, the focus is on containerisation and continuous delivery, hence the name, with a special emphasis on getting your questions answered by industry veterans.

With sessions built in response to your most requested software delivery topics, conversations will range across the spectrum, and include:

  • Managing mixed IT estates – think disparate teams, tools, stacks, and legacy code, all potentially in a microservices environment.
  • The pros and cons of service meshes for microservices, with a focus on use cases.
  • Compliance in CI/CD processes, and how to strengthen your security stack for the ages.
  • Life without pre-production environments.
  • Next-level DevOps.
  • Using Helm for frictionless deployments.

As you'd expect from us, this is not a generic IT conference – it's practical knowledge sharing, with high-level waffle cut right out.

The day’s keynote is container-security themed, and comes courtesy of Liz Rice – VP of open-source engineering at security specialists Aqua Security, and chair of the CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee. The other sessions include voices from organisations as diverse as the Financial Times, Skyscanner, Sysdig, Workday, Zensar Technologies, and INNOQ.

As we said, though, the other emphasis is on you, and this means plenty of time and opportunity to ask your questions, air your views, and get stuck into the conversation on a personal level. These are your requested topics, so we very much want your input.

Each session will feature extended Q&A sessions, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to connect and chat with other delegates, so don’t expect yet another passive Zoom call.

Sign up for Continuous Lifecycle Online here.


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