Watch live: The home-working horse has bolted – is your organisation yet to adapt?

This July, explore ways to make our new reality a good one

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Webcast No matter how old-school, there’s unlikely to be an IT desk in the world now that’s not slightly relaxed its grip on the daily lives of its users. Putting down the screwdrivers and moving almost full-time to facilitating 24/7 remote working has become the stock-in-trade of maintaining a business’s digital infrastructure.

As with anything in life, necessity has been the mother of invention, and we’ve made it work. It turns out the vast majority of us can work at home, with enough technology available to make it at least function, if not fly.

But now’s the time, perhaps, to think about making it fly. No matter how much we roll back the new normal of COVID-19-era working, it’s unlikely things will ever be quite the same, so it makes absolute sense to make remote working as good as it can be.

This theoretically means seeing off the last trappings of the old world. Pokey portals that only work in ancient versions of Internet Explorer, and virtual desktops were all fine at some point in the past 25 years, but they’re not going to wash as every employee reaches the potential of becoming a full-time remote worker.

Instead, stepping up the use of cloud services and SaaS platforms is drawing into focus. End users are only going to increase their demand for approaches that are simple, portable, and work easily across devices and environments.

To this end, The Register’s Tim Phillips will host a webcast with Snow Software’s Jesse Stockall to discuss what businesses can – and should – be doing next to help build and maintain the dependability remote business infrastructure.

Join us on 14 July at 1500 BST to find out more about delivering innovative services that better enable remote employees to achieve everything they need to, while protecting your business’s best interests and keeping costs down while implementing it all.

Expect plenty of case study references and real-world examples of tools and approaches that have actually worked for organisations who’ve faced a variety of challenges throughout the pandemic.

Sign up here for the RegCast, brought to you by Snow Software, and headed: Post-pandemic Cloud Management.


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