It's a tough time for digital transformation in the financial services world – but fret not, there’s help at hand

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Webcast The financial services world has had a tough decade. From a global financial crisis to an uptick in regulation to the COVID-19 coronavirus, and possibly yet another financial crisis off the back of that, it’s no wonder the sector is often seen as traditionally slow to digitally transform. With everything else going on, it often feels like there’s simply no time.

However, the global pandemic has – as in any other industry you’d care to mention – challenged financial services (FS) organisations to find solutions as the vast majority of their employees have uprooted from office environments to work remotely.

Juggling a change of day-to-day environment and technological infrastructure with the hammer blow of an instantly volatile market has proved a baptism of fire for many FS firms, which were previously running behind the digital transformation curve.

But who had the agility to cope, and how did they carry it off? Who even saw the fallout as an opportunity to pivot and advance? To more deeply explain the huge challenges FS firms have faced recently, as well as the best strategies for coping and thriving, a panel has been assembled for a webcast to be held here on July 9 at 1100 BST.

The Reg's Tim Phillips will be joined by Accenture’s Ambrose Shannon and Workday’s Viren Patel to assess where the financial services sector is at with digital transformation. Topics explored will include the ways in which COVID-19 has actually accelerated digital transformation for some FS companies, and how this was achievable, as well as the risks for those businesses still hesitating, or simply moving too slowly to keep up with the sea change.

There will be a close look at which firms in particular have thrived under the pressures of the epidemic, and what they’re doing differently to reimagine the way they’re using technology. Finally, the experts on hand will be able to help you and your organisation plan your own digital transformation roadmap which, while it may be motivated initially by the COVID-19 situation, can serve to keep you adapting into the future beyond.

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