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It's not a Windows 10 release without something breaking so here's a troubleshooter for your OneDrive woes

Microsoft emits a fix for those fearful of Registry tinkering

While Microsoft was showing off its new OneDrive toys, the company also slipped out a fix for brave souls running Windows 10 2004 and finding Files On-Demand a little borked.

Issues have been rumbling for a few weeks now as users of the new OS began complaining that "OneDrive cannot connect to Windows", rendering the Files On-Demand feature, which pulls data down from the cloudy bit barn when needed, broken.

Some found that a Registry tweak would bring the process back to life. Others continued to struggle.

Microsoft pointed to devices or apps that use legacy file system filter drivers as the culprit, leaving some machines unable to connect to OneDrive via the OneDrive app. The afflicted were unable to download new files or open previously synced files - thus somewhat undermining the point.

Some users took the proffered option to simply download all files from OneDrive, but several found even that process hopelessly broken.

For those not keen on the manual workaround of fiddling with the Registry and restarting for each account, Microsoft has put out a troubleshooter to restore access to Files On-Demand. Imaginatively titled "Files On-Demand troubleshooter", the app will run automatically for some users. For others, it will need to be manually started (again for every account) and, after a restart, Files On-Demand should work once again.

The issue affects both the Personal and Business versions of the OneDrive client under Windows 10 2004, although files can still be uploaded and downloaded via the web interface for the storage service.

"Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release," the company said on its support page for the matter.

The problem does not appear in Microsoft's health dashboard for Windows 10 2004, although users began complaining shortly after the OS was released.

It isn't the only issue with the OS update. Problems persist with Windows 10 2004 more than a month following its release and include difficulties with Bluetooth, and a stop error when plugging or unplugging a Thunderbolt dock. ®

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