Grappling with mixed infra, container security, service meshes? Our DevOps conf has practical help for you

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Event Depending on where you are, life is slowly returning to normal-ish. Yet it's going to be a while before bringing people physically together again is a good idea.

In the meantime, we have a tip-top virtual conference for you to attend from the safety and comfort of your own home. If you are responsible for keeping tech infrastructure in shape, or if containerization and compliance is your cup of tea, all the more reason to grab a ticket and tune in online this month.

On 15 July at 0900 BST (1000 CEST), our annual Continuous Lifecycle London event is making a one-off online appearance, dubbed CLO2020, to bring a fine line-up of containerization and continuous delivery practitioners to your screen. We’ve collected your feedback during the past couple of months and built a one-day programme tackling your most often asked-about topics from security and compliance issues straight to monitoring and pre-production environments.

All the sessions will include an extended Q&A section during which anybody can participate. An integrated voting system will help ensure we get the most relevant questions answered, and chat features will be available to help you make the most of the day.

But let’s take a look at the agenda: if you’ve been to CLL before or are simply interested in cloud-native tech, you surely will have come across our fantastic keynote speaker and security expert Liz Rice already, who’ll start off the day. Later on, we’ll look into monitoring of mixed infrastructure with Financial Times’ Luke Blaney, and address your service mesh concerns with Hanna Prinz.

After a quick break, Skyscanner’s principal engineer Nicky Wrightson will take over the screen to investigate if low-level environments such as dev, test, staging, and pre-prod are still the best option to verify the different stages of a development life cycle.

Any edition of Continuous Lifecycle wouldn’t be complete without a look into software delivery and deployment, which is why we’re happy to welcome software engineer Pauline Lallinec who will introduce you to Helm for deployments and more importantly give you pointers on what to do if something goes wrong in the process. Sysdig’s Mateo Burillo will then take you another step further, presenting ways to make compliance part of the continuous delivery pipeline.

To round things off, we’ll have a look at how changing working conditions and new tech such as 5G and machine learning will influence the future of DevOps, hearing from practitioners such as Savinder Puri from Zensar Technologies and Seldon’s Ryan Dawson.

Tickets are one sale now – buy them here.


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