How to build a cyber threat intelligence program while cutting through the noise

Tune in this month to hear from Anomali – and get a handle on separating good data from clutter

Webcast The advantages of having decent threat intelligence in place are many and various, as the threat landscape continues to widen year-on-year.

But when putting together a decent cyber-threat intelligence (CTI) program, it’s of paramount importance in 2020 to make sure the right data is involved, and then that data is used in the appropriate places to populate a high quality, functioning intelligence network to correctly chart the presence and progress of threats.

The problem, as with any complex big-data project, is cutting through the inevitable data deluge to correctly identify the bits you need – the people, places, technology, and other moving parts to build the picture.

Essentially, data needs to be turned into actionable, intelligent information – and fast because miscreants aren’t waiting around. That’s where our next webcast comes in. Tim Phillips of The Register will be joined by Andrew de Lange of threat intelligence experts Anomali. At 1500 BST (0700 PT) on 29 July 2020, they’ll discuss the best way to assemble a CTI program to maximize your protection and make the most of your data.

Tim and Andrew will home in on the general purpose of a CTI – specifically, why truly understanding security threats is absolutely essential for a modern enterprise. They’ll find out how to overcome common challenges, and how to turn data into truly actionable intelligence to suit the complexities of a business in 2020.

They’ll also look into how to create an intelligence-driven security culture at your organisation, and how to keep feeding the CTI machine, making it ever-stronger as every employee does their bit.

Finally, Tim and Andrew will investigate the true nature – and possibilities – of the relationship between the tools and the people within a fully matured cyber threat intelligence program. What should the full package look like, for instance? You’ll come away from this webcast with a fair idea of where to start, and where a CTI for the ages should take you when completed.

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