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Webcast The IT department's evolution from controller to advisor is accelerating as more of us work flexibly, work from home, and collaborate online.

In other words, IT’s never going to be the same again. As a result, we need to modernize outdated practices and tooling, and focus instead on how to make the best of software-as-a-service and the cloud.

A bad cloud management strategy results in a lack of control plus sprawl, waste, and over-provisioned resources. How can the decision-makers in IT improve their strategies so that systems are secure and cost effective now yet also flexible enough for an uncertain future?

Join us tomorrow, July 14, at 1500 BST when Tim Phillips speaks live to Jesse Stockall of Snow Software, who will explain how IT organisations must adapt to meet their business's needs of flexibility and access to innovative services – all while protecting the enterprise and keeping costs in check.

Migrations to cloud and SaaS have highlighted rigid and outdated IT policies that hamper innovation and are unsuited to the dynamic and fast paced world we’re now in. We’ll cover some of the hurdles faced by IT organizations and explore solutions that have enabled Snow customers to embrace cloud and succeed in this new reality.

Register now and join us tomorrow for this webcast, brought to you by Snow Software.


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