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Promo There’s still plenty of talk of businesses pivoting to digital-centric approaches as the vast majority of us continue to work from home. If this shift to the "new normal" is on your radar, where should you go for in-depth technical information and discussion on the subject? Answer: Micro Focus’ Virtual Realize event.

Now available on-demand, this busy and detail-packed online event covers a whole range of topics and specialities.

Unlike other events, there’s no generalist high-level exploration here. With Virtual Realize, all you’re getting, and all you need, are roundtable sessions and special interest groups – it’s a simple, effective programme, focused closely on drilling down into the technology and learning something.

For example, it includes a session on connected development in the disconnected world, which looks at exploiting and enhancing the freshest integrated development environments to get the most out of your existing COBOL assets in order to better modernise mainframes and their associated, distributed applications to – essentially – run older on-premises stuff remotely.

And let’s have a shout-out for Twenty things: The new, the why live without, and the stuff you never knew existed in which Micro Focus shares “just twenty things across our whole portfolio that helped shape our, the industry, and of course our customers' thinking to develop quality applications.”

For that session, Micro Focus draws on its vast experience of tools development, and shared experience with customers and their own delivery of applications. “So, of course, somethings work, and of course somethings don’t – but when you draw on that huge wealth of experience, innovation prevails," the company said. "When things work, let’s make them better – when they don’t, let’s work out why, and let’s find a solution.”

Meanwhile, Next-generation SOC: Responding to the new normal focuses on helping your security operations centre refocus its centralised security mission to deal with changes in the threat landscape brought about by new ways of working, including information overload and the need for new kinds of synergy between people, processes, and technology.

If end-user productivity is your thing, there’s also a session on that, diving into file sharing, secure data access, and endpoint management for our new times.

Roundtable discussions tackle the biggest topics in financial services and public-sector digital transformation challenges, covering such angles as optimal re-platforming of legacy mainframes, investigating public cloud providers while avoiding waste and vendor lock-in, GDPR compliance in data record lifecycles, and IT procurance tactics.

And there’s a whole lot more we haven’t space to list here. As you may be able to tell, Virtual Realize isn’t your average thought-leadership IT conference. There are bags to learn, it’s discussed in great depth, and it’s all waiting for you right now, completely on-demand.


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