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Yahoo! Japan! wants! to! be! side! hustle! for! 100! new! strategy! development! workers!

And lets the rest of its staff stay at home, because coronavirus

Yahoo! Japan, the no-longer-a-joint-venture-with- Yahoo!- and still rather successful outpost of the web portal pioneer, has decided it will hire 100 strategic advisors and wants them to treat the company as a side hustle.

“By joining Yahoo as a side business, we aim to create innovations that will lead to new businesses and services, along with human resources who have not had the opportunity to meet in the past,” said President and CEO.

Applicants will need to be business strategists or to have a track record founding successful businesses and has been done in the name of tapping into gig workers and others who might not want to work at Yahoo! Japan full time.

The Register has seen this sort of thing before and imagines readers may have too: it’s sometimes called a “board” or “hiring external consultants” and we understand both are quite common.

But we digress.

The 100 hires will be made as part of a wider post-plague plan to re-organise Yahoo! Japan’s workforce, which has taken to working from home like a duck to water. The company will therefore abolish its previous limits on remote work and make online work the norm. Working hours will also be made flexible.

Readers may recall that Yahoo! itself adopted the same policies in the early 2000s, only for incoming CEO Marissa Mayer to forbid the practice once she discovered remote workers had evaded oversight for years. ®

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