Fujitsu re-orgs Fujitsu Japan by making more parts of Fujitsu Fujitsu

Domestic companies to be mashed together in the service of digital transformation, 5G and cloud

Fujitsu will relaunch several of its domestic business services units under a new company called Fujitsu Japan.

Fujitsu hoped to have the re-org complete this month, but was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company's plan now calls for consolidation of its discrete domestic business units to start in October and result in the creation of a single entity.

The new company will incorporate Fujitsu Marketing, which handles second-tier private-sector companies and SMEs; Fujitsu FIP, which specialises in areas such as distribution, healthcare, and local government; Fujitsu FSAS, which builds ICT infrastructure; and Fujitsu Network Solutions, which operates in the network domain as a core business.

The Japanese conglomerate says it will move 5,400 of its current employees under the new banner from October, and gradually build to 11,000 for its official launch in April 2021.

The new business plans to become more involved in digital transformations, cloud services, and 5G.

The relaunched company "will contribute to the attainment of Society 5.0, an ultra-smart, sustainable society, while delivering business continuity and measures to resolve urgent issues facing society in light of the emergence of the challenges of the new normal, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic," the company said in a statement. "Society 5.0" is a catchphrase Japan's government uses to describe the aims of its modernisation programme.

In other news from the land of the rising sun, Cloudflare said that the company would open a new office in Tokyo, its third in Japan. Cloudflare's network now spans 33 cities across the APAC region. ®

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