Want to win $15,000? Enter Huawei's app development contest – and it could be yours

Create an innovative mobile application or game with AppsUp and you could win big

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Promo With Huawei mobile phones shifting to their own ecosystem and apps, Huawei Mobile Services, the company, is taking the opportunity to rethink the way app stores work entirely, priming its App Gallery as a destination for a plethora of new apps approached in a different way.

Seeking to avoid situations where users will end up downloading apps they don’t want, can’t use, or are simply inferior versions of better apps, Huawei is focusing on new and better ways for people to discover new apps beyond the usual method of simply searching for software, using the skills of dedicated editorial teams to figure out what kind of apps local users may actually want to use.

To find innovators within the developer community and help turn their ideas into reality, Huawei is launching its AppsUp developer contest, with a top prize of US$15,000.

The challenge is simple: develop an app using HMS Core capabilities and tools, for inclusion on App Gallery, and win over the hearts and minds of Huawei’s judging panel, as well as a public vote.

The judging panel, which compromises industry experts, are eager to share some tips with participants:

Maria Benjumea, President at SpainStartup and Founder of South Summit, said:

Having a great idea is only the first step; in order to achieve something greater, you must have a grounded, viable, and scalable project. AppsUp as well as South Summit are united by the joint vision of providing a large-scale platform for tech minds to innovate. We hope to see people all over the world benefiting from the use of those platforms. Keep working and never cease to reinvent yourself.

Renee Gittins, Executive Director at the International Game Developer Association, added:

I hope to see developers use the power of games to bring people together and create joy. Video games, especially ones that can fit in your pocket, can change the lives of so many by not only bringing a smile to their face, but helping them learn, explore, and view the world in a new light. Even with the most cutting-edge technology, games should inspire to evoke emotion in their players, whether the thrill of victory or the apprehension of a dangerous situation. Capturing and tuning these emotional experiences will surely set a game apart from the others.

With a shortlist of 20 apps, and runner-up cash prizes ranging between US$5,000 and US$15,000 for a total global prize fund of US$1m, Huawei definitely means business.

And speaking of business, the biz benefits of developing for Huawei Mobile Services are many and various. While getting in on the ground floor of a new mobile ecosystem is always going to have its obvious advantages, the HMS Core development toolset offers such a rich array of open device and cloud capabilities, there’s a lot for devs to get excited about.

With features in place to help you develop more efficiently, quickly and with flexible monetization, Huawei is proud of an environment that promotes innovation and end-user experiences that have never been seen before on mobile devices, meaning premium content and services should be accessible in new ways.

Enter AppsUp now – the signup deadline is August 30, 2020 – and learn more about the benefits of HMS Core as you work on your next mobile hit!

For the full set of rules and regulations, and to sign up for Huawei’s AppsUp developer contest, click right here.


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