No, boss, I'm not playing Minecraft. Minecraft is where I run VMs on the desktop now

Game mod pipes VirtualBox into virtual blockputers

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A developer who goes by "Delta2Force" has created a Minecraft mod that runs virtual machines on virtual computers built inside Minecraft.

The mod is called "MCVmComputers" and is yours for the downloading on GitHub.

The odd twist on virtualization relies on Oracle's free VirtualBox desktop hypervisor and the Fabric Minecraft modloader. You'll also need an .ISO of the OS you intend to run dropped into [minecraft directory]/vm_computers/isos.

Then you'll need to build a virtual computer inside Minecraft, a task apparently achievable by ordering parts from a passing Minecraft satellite.

Are you fixing that switch? Or setting it up as a Minecraft server?


Virtual Minecraft computers have an On button, so a click on that and then on the virtual screen summons up a VM running whatever .ISO you've placed in the directory mentioned above .

The virtual machine apparently runs well enough to play Minecraft, or to run Windows 95 or various Linuxes.

Why bother with such frippery? The project's README says: "I spent my whole quarantine working on this."

Time well spent, Delta2Force. Time well spent. ®


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