Have you ever wondered whether your public cloud security should be software-defined? Ah-ha, we knew it!

You'll wanna tune into this chat about SD-WAN, then

Webcast Research from Vanson Bourne found that more than half of surveyed businesses wished their SD-WAN – their software-defined wide area networking – was provided straight from their cloud vendor as opposed to a third party.

While this is a compelling statistic, it raises questions about whether enterprises at large are making the most effective decisions when considering what a well-chosen SD-WAN solution can achieve.

One story often left untold when discussing SD-WAN technology is how well-suited the technology can be for contributing to your security posture. On top of providing the usual essentials in an enterprise cloud network, software-defined tech that also keeps an eye on security can be a powerful and reassuring asset.

When moving into the realms of SaaS applications, such as Office 365, Salesforce, or any number of other business-as-usual solutions, network traffic vastly increases and latency needs to be cut. This requires more direct access, more often, from users and – at the same time – more direct access to the cloud network, creating more risk.

Bundling security operations in with an SD-WAN is, thus, a sensible option, though tiptoeing through the minefield of what solutions to pick, and whether to take the best-of-breed versus easier-to-manage-and-regulate choices becomes a tough conversation in itself.

Here to the rescue in discussing this thorny issue is Barracuda Networks’ Mike Goldof, who will join The Register’s Tim Phillips on our virtual sofa to discuss the best options when choosing an SD-WAN while making security a high priority.

On July 30, 2020, at 1600 BST, Mike and Tim will discuss how right now is the time to start carefully checking that your WAN is up to snuff on a security level. They’ll ground the debate by going through the security and performance benefits of SD-WAN in the first place, and how these manifest in different options and deployments.

Finally, Mike and Tim will cover the best ways to deploy and integrate a security-focused SD-WAN, while keeping in mind your specific security needs.

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