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Webcast You’ll often hear arguments from IT pros over whether to embrace a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud for your next bold enterprise technology move. In case you’ve been living under a large rock formed of legacy server stacks and bundles upon bundles of Cat 5 cables for the last few years, yes, there’s a stark difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud.

Hybrid cloud, by definition, combines private and public clouds in various combinations of solution, platform, and configuration, but all working toward the same goal or purpose. There tend to be no disparate functions or tasks – everything is pulled together, channeling its energies into an overlapping central environment and, to an extent, keeps its own siloed area of cloud just to its own function.

Multi-cloud, meanwhile, is all about public clouds only, and coming in various combinations to achieve the best per-task results, in a best-of-breed kind of way. This is useful for different areas of the business who want the best solution for their own specific goal, with easy and accessible data in public clouds. Public clouds can also be easily bolted on to existing on-premises infrastructure, and work alongside virtual or private cloud environments.

But what if you could do both, and run hybrid and multi-clouds alongside each other – getting the best of all the above worlds?

The concept of hybrid multi-cloud – as the name suggests – offers the opportunity to do everything at once, essentially capitalizing on the raw ability of hybrid clouds to focus on one set aim, and the ability of multi-clouds to deliver nuanced, specific wins for individual business areas.

That’s the focus of our next webcast. Enter the hybrid multi-cloud – a single platform to tackle both of those cloud types, and get everything done. One platform to rule them all in the digital innovation era.

Join The Reg’s Tim Phillips and Nutanix’s Sahil Bansal at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT) on August 12, 2020 to find out how to smooth your path into a hybrid multi-cloud future. Find out why this combination is the ideal way to accelerate cloud migration for your business, find out exactly what you need to deliver a hybrid multi-cloud, and even find out how you can spin up your own hybrid multi-cloud in just one hour.

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