Is securing Office 365 still a future project for your business? Better act now – the future is already here

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Webcast "Things are never going to be the same." That’s the kind of phrase still being thrown around as we rub our eyes and try to wake from the rather bad dream we’ve been sharing for the past few months.

While remote working – and, with it, the necessary IT security measures – used to be a conversation that fell under the "future trend" category, the future has crept up and arrived. It’s highly unlikely work will return to the full-scale presenteeism of the past anytime soon, or possibly ever, so it’s time to start acknowledging a changed world.

Office 365 is a platform that’s used by so, so many enterprise users, the need to properly secure it and demonstrate compliance is enormous. But like all popular and routinely used parts of work, familiarity can lead to sloppiness. It’s important to start baking in a baseline of awareness across your ecosystem.

That’s why our next webcast is devoted to all things Office 365 security. As The Reg’s Tim Phillips is joined by Office 365 security experts Mimecast’s J Peter Bruzzese, they’ll cover the best ways to start taking compliance seriously, focusing on the most effective ways to assist your remote workers as we continue to work from spare rooms and sheds.

At 1500 BST on August 5, 2020, J Peter and Tim will cover the best ways to protect your workers against social engineering attacks, such as phishing attempts, plus impersonation, ransomware, and phishing’s big brother – whaling – which is when an attacker goes to the top of a company to steal the keys to the city.

The panel will also look into the best methods to prevent data leaks from inside your organisation, how to archive sensitive information safely and securely, not to mention ways to simplify encryption processes to make sure your remote workers can successfully and repeatably scramble or hash the most important information when storing or transmitting it.

Finally, the conversation will cover ways to ensure your business keeps going even through inevitable downtime – be that from company systems, your remote workers suffering connection drops, or Office 365 itself experiencing wobbles.

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