There’s no going back. We have entered the age of digital-first. Now we need to secure it

Tune in and hear all about new research into the benefits of safe remote collaboration – auf Deutsch

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Webcast Many of us have started to become accustomed to the new normal of remote working and are doing the best we can in business as we try to navigate the waters of digital collaboration. It’s become generally accepted that this style of working is – on many levels – the future of work.

But what will that future look like? How will the discipline and practice of remote working expand and develop? And what manner of long-term changes will businesses face as we continue to focus on getting work done with decentralised, digitally-connected teams? And how can we keep our data secure while doing all this?

Answering these burning questions will be the focus of The Register’s next webcast, which will be broadcast in German on August 6 at 1600 CEST.

The balance between effective data security and compliance versus user-friendly infrastructure and platforms will also be a core conversation in this session. As data exchanges between remote colleagues and customers increases with remote work, commonly-used security approaches will be challenged. There needs to be a solution.

The webcast will focus on new research presented by cloud content management and file sharing experts Box. Michael Mors, General Manager for Central Europe at Box, will be on-hand to explore this research on the changing world of work, using the findings to frame the potentially huge opportunities that can be gained from refining remote working practice.

Michael will be focusing on the immediate impact of COVID-19 on the business landscape and the actual ways companies work in practice, as well as the currently expected long-term benefits that can be expected from changing to a more digitally collaborative style of work.

Led by the research, Michael’s discussion will also turn to ways in which organisations can create meaningful strategies and design technology platforms to help prepare for – and take full advantage of – the transition we’re all facing, focusing on ways to nurture and enrich existing collaborative practice across teams and whole organisations.

The webcast will be supplemented by practical case studies of companies who are already employing and enacting these changes right now, and will delve into the individual opportunities that have developed for them in their different industries and specialities, not to mention the considerations they’ve faced in security and compliance while achieving other wins.

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