Why you need much more than a zero-trust strategy to nail your security provision

Add a little hyperconverged infrastructure, and you’re on to a winner. We'll explain all this month

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Webcast Guess what? Ransomware’s not going away any time soon. Infections are still happening all the time, sparking reputation-ending headlines, and derailing business plans.

Not only that, the gangs behind the file-scrambling malware are becoming more and more sophisticated, turning to precision-targeted social-engineering to trick staff into running the software nasties. Adopting a so-called zero-trust model, which keeps access to networks, services, and data severely limited to a need-to-know-only basis, will thwart any future ransomware infections.

Thus if you roll out this level of compartmentalization and containment, with the help of hyperconverged infrastructure, your corporate network will resist and drive back any ransomware at the gates.

Too good to be true? It might well be, or it might well be exactly what you need. That's what The Reg’s Tim Phillips hopes to find out from security veteran Mike Wronski, of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) experts Nutanix, during a webcast this month.

At 9am PDT (12pm EDT) on August 27, 2020, Mike and Tim will discuss how zero trust and HCI can bolster each other to achieve strong results in security.

They’ll look at how and why enterprises are embracing zero-trust security strategies in practice, while sharing the best ways to weave zero trust approaches into your company environment – practically and culturally. And tying it all together, Mike and Tim will look at how HCI like Nutanix’s platform can be used as a powerful security asset, aiding prevention, detection, and recovery from ransomware.

Sign up right here for the webcast, brought to you by Nutanix.


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