Google Apps Scripts debugger is buggered for devs using V8 runtime: Fix coming... in Q4

'We need this issue solved ASAP'

Life ain't so suite (pardon) for a bunch of Google Apps Script developers thanks to a bug preventing them from using the platform's debug mode.

Developers trying to debug their scripts quickly find elements of the UI unresponsive, preventing them from switching between scopes.

The initial bug report was filed on 22 July and has already racked up dozens of comments from other frustrated developers facing the same issue.

The glitch affects developers using the V8 runtime in their apps. Previously, code written for Google Apps Script used the Rhino runtime, which is gradually being superseded as it allowed certain non-standard ECMAScript behaviours. The V8 runtime, which also powers Chrome, is designed to be standards-compliant.

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Google Apps Script allows developers to build applications for G Suite products like Gmail and Google Docs. These can range from relatively trivial automation tasks, or more sophisticated applications designed to handle large business processes. Applications are written in a JavaScript derivative, and run on Google's own iron.

Unfortunately, Google Apps Script is overwhelmingly cloud-centric and fixed on Google's own platform. As a result, there is no real way (as of yet) to circumvent this issue. You can't, for example, use an alternative third-party debugger on your local machine.

For frustrated devs, there's good news and bad news: firstly, a fix is coming. Sadly, according to updates from support, the timeline given is for Q4 of this year – with October being the earliest it would arrive.

El Reg has darkened Google's door for more information, and will update this post when we hear more. ®

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